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ζεῦγμα zjuːɡ.mə

The act of using a word, particularly an adjective or verb, to apply

to more than one noun when its sense is appropriate to only one.

“[They] covered themselves with dust and glory.”

Mark Twain

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Our commitments

Reconciling technology-driven, digital and IoT solutions with societal challenges and needs for the citizens and the educational actors 

Diffusing the DIY  and IoT culture and the resourcefulness in Europe, through a specific inquiry-based approach

Developing of coding-educational projects based on four pillars strategy: frugality, modularity, inquiry-based and open-source


Discover our creative team members, dedicated to the development of the ZeUGMA's digital and IoT projects 

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Sébastien NEDJAR
Scientific External Advisor
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Project Manager
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Jonathan BAUDIN
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Project Manager

our activities

Discover our competencies and expertise in the field of educational projects and initiatives


Development of specific contents and features for the MakeCode programming learning platform for enriching STEAM protocols and experimentations within schools 

Deployment of training materials related to using programming boards and microcontrollers for education and development of tailored boards for teachers in secondary schools 

Programming & boards

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Development of programmes, contents and playful activities in transforming schools towards "Programming for good" and "Science for good" practices


Development of programming-educational and Do-It-Yourself projects based on open source solutions and tools and a challenge-based approach 


& creativity

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Setting-up of Horizon Europe and Erasmus + projects linked to programming practices and digitally-based approach for schools 

Project Management, reporting and support to project coordinators in the daily administrative and financial activities, development of dissemination strategies, project website and communication materials 

Project Writing

& Management

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our projects

Discover our current running initiatives as in-kind contributor or partners 

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Maker Space - La Rochelle

A Fab Lab, or digital fabrication laboratory, is a place to play, to create, to mentor and to invent: a place for learning and innovation. Fab Labs provide access to the environment, the skills, the materials and the advanced technology to allow anyone anywhere to make (almost) anything.

Within ZeUGMA, we have the objective of providing a collaborative and community space for technological exchange in Sofia for all.


Services: Experimentation, Manufacturing, Development and Programming, Training and Exchanges with a specific educational focus

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Programming for education
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BLE Mesh for interoperability
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DIY tools for STEAM experimentations
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Unplugged & Creative activities 
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